Acupuncture for Hair loss

The Black Belt of Acupuncture – Resolving Hair Loss

Acupuncture is an ancient medical system which is very decentralized – this is why no two practitioners can be the same in their level of treatment. Some acupuncturists have better knowledge, or simply have built their skills up to such a high degree for certain treatments, that they only focus on those treatments for the sake of simplicity – but in reality, acupuncture can be used to treat the entire human health, that is, if you go to the right practitioner.

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Here are acupuncture for hair loss – we present various findings on why acupuncture can work on hair loss, as well as why it won’t – we cover both sides to create a fair view, as acupuncture practitioners are not always easy to get hold of (the best in the world are spread across the world, many in the United States and Korea).

Since there have been countless people looking for treatment for hair loss, be it using drugs, western or eastern – a lot of the earth’s current population suffers from hair loss more than ever seen in recorded history – can this still be blamed on genetics as many scientists so casually point out?

Genetics is such a wide term used for so many limiting factors that people are told – “you have hair loss because its set in your genes” – or “you have this and this disease because of your genes” – but what does this really mean? Do they ever explain past the limited intention behind this statement?

Genetics is not a limitation in the human body; in fact, our DNA has been proven to constantly be changing as life goes on; positively or negatively depending on your lifestyle and patterns (eating, exercise and even emotional factors).

So the next time someone tells you “its just your genetics, you can’t do anything about it” – please understand, that this stems from ignorance and lack of understanding of genetics and DNA – our DNA is there to stop us from mutating into weird creatures, not to stop our healing from a condition.

In Acupuncture, and eastern medicine, it is understood that the body is constantly changing, just like nature and cycles in nature are constantly changing – and we can adjust our patterns in tune with nature to receive ultimate healing, be it for hair loss, or more serious conditions – of course, finding the right practitioner is the next big step. 

Below is a documentary from the BBC – reviews of people who used it start at 15 minutes into the movie if you wish to see them as the video is an hour long but very useful guide for those wishing to understand how it works to some extent.

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