Acupuncture for Hair loss

Taoist Soap Review and Uses in Acupuncture Medical Community

taoist soap NEW2016The Taoist soap has been around for long enough for most of the acupuncture community in the UK to know about it – but yet, it is still somehow never seen that openly in UK stores like Boots or ASDA – stores that supply already medical supplements as well as prescription medicine for the public.

The Taoist soap being a health product, and not exactly a cosemetic product, has been used by many practitioners as a tool to help tackle inflammation in the scalp and skin – this includes inflammation that causes hair loss (which is deeper rooted in the scalp) as well as burns and other skin disorders that are related to inflammation. Please note, it is essential to differentiate inflammation and infections in this case – as some people think infections are the same thing.

Inflammation is a protective response by the body to tackle a situation; the body over-reacts, and then inflammation itself becomes the problem; this is why a lot of hair thinning occurs, and this is where the Taoist soap can come in very useful.

Note that the Taoist soap is used as a tool to aid in inflammation on the scalp – a change in lifestyle and improvement in diet is essential to create those changes and allow them to become permanent structures of the body. RNA expression is known to change with just 6 months worth of lifestyle change (exercise and diet) – but then the problem becomes the lack of circulation in the scalp, and this can be dealt with scalp massage every 24 hours for 30 minutes per day – some people require up to 3 times 30 minutes a day to see full results.

Taoist Soap: How to Use

Patients that use the Taoist soap vary, and the reasons vary, this is why the website online says either leave in for 2 mins or wash off right away – both are correct. For you, you should start with washing off almost right away, few seconds leaving in, and washing off – do this for the first week, and then you can leave it in for 1-2 minutes long – the skin and scalp need to get used to your skin, and this is the only reason for leaving in shorter periods of time, to give it a gentle push, rather than a shock.

It is also advisable to use a small amount of the soap on a patch of skin that will help you see if it is suitable for your skin; all products, natural or organic or pharmaceutical must be tested this way – as every skin is different and everyone uses different skin products which can interact with the new product you have started using – so keep this in mind when trying any new product.

Side Effects of Acupuncture and How to Deal With them

Can Acupuncture be dangerous? or have dangerous side effects? What about if you are pregnant, can you still do acupuncture treatment and be okay? or is there a risk?

These questions are often asked to western doctors and even they aren’t sure, so they have to say answers that are safer – so if they don’t know, or aren’t sure, they will still say don’t carry out acupuncture during this and this state – but the truth is, acupuncture should not have side effects other than that your acupuncturist will tell you, such as nerve regeneration cases.

As this video on Acupuncture Side effects explains, that acupuncture should not have any negative side effects; and this includes for pregnant women – acupuncture is able to help in all conditions; the only hard part is, to find a reliable, knowledgeable practitioner who knows what he or she is doing – if you are in the US, this may be easier to some extent, but in the EU, acupuncture is still in it’s primitive stages, and only very basic acupuncture is practiced, with a few exceptions.

So are there any other side effects to acupuncture?

Yes, there are – they are whatever you are being treated for, to improve!  But nothing like side effects you get from pharmaceutical products, as they are different in how they work.

One has to understand that there are many levels of acupuncture, some for basic pain management, some for advanced diseases – and the latter is simply not as common, as it is a very advanced form of acupuncture, but it is being taught to the public and is spreading slowly.

Combining Natural Treatments to Increase Effectiveness

combining acupuncture treatments for better results

People often put a lot of faith in natural treatments without understanding or researching into how it works – and often get disappointed when nothing seems to work for them.

There is an example of the typical health freak seeking out alternative treatment for conditions like hair loss or alopecia – but they get disappointed when after trying various chinese herbs, nothing works and they think either there is no cure or seek pharmaceutical medicine which can be harmful to their overall health (with the negative side effects).

That being said, pharmaceutical medicine has its place – but right now we are talking about increasing effectiveness of natural treatments.

It has to be understood that you have multiple layers of DNA expression due to your diet, emotional and thinking habits and environment over your lifetime – taking in a herb or two won’t easily solve your problems unless you know what you are doing. The art of acupuncture and herbology is powerful, but you need to find the right practitioner who has the right knowledge, as this knowledge has been mostly lost, at least from the general public.

So what should you do?

If you are getting treatment for hair loss using acupuncture, then also do things to improve your lifestyle right now. Most people who think they have a healthy diet and exercise program usually could do a lot better – and this is sometimes needed to create change beyond the body’s comfort zone.

So if you are exercising regularly – trying to break your exercise goals at every workout session – then you are on a healthy diet involving lots of leafy greens as well as some red meat, you already are starting to change your DNA expression.

For hair loss, circulation is almost always an issue – so a scalp massage for 30-40 minutes a day would tremendously help push new hair growth to come out, as well as unblock vessels that were blocked previously (these vessels get blocked easily because they are so tiny, only one or two blood cells can go in and out at any point in time!).

Emotional stability is also a vital thing to understand as this is not talked about in western medicine as much as it needs to – although we do talk about stress, we never approach it deep enough for it to be understood – emotions create hormonal changes, and hormonal changes also create emotions – if you overly express negative emotions, this can be taxing for the body, and also addictive (almost like an actual drug addiction) – this results in the body unable to focus properly on third party functions like hair growth and skin replication – it then switches to focus on only life supporting systems in the body – this means you end up loosing your hair and getting bad quality skin.

So to tackle this – you simply do more exercise, which releases the stress from your neurons, in turn, making you more emotionally stronger to deal with everyday life situations in a more calm way, rather than bursting out in anger or sadness so quickly – being happy makes a person in a better mental capacity to logically deal with a given situation – knowing life, it always throws uncertain situations at us, and being able to handle them calmly and in a centered manner is the way to keep the body healthy and biologically young.

What is the Most Effective Type of Acupuncture?

most effective type of acupuncture

Ever wondered what is the most effective type of acupuncture in general – and if there are things you can do to boost an acupuncture treatment?

First understand that acupuncture is a natural method of controlling your body’s flow of blood and energy, to the right areas to create balance (or create a better healthier balance internally).

That said – it is involved in changing your body’s existing patterns, and helping you adopt to new patterns which are healthy for you – you can boost your acupuncture treatments which help you do this.

For example – if you are overweight or suffering from thinning hair, and are getting acupuncture treatment for it – a way to boost this treatment is by first getting the treatment by the right acupuncturist – not all acupuncture is the same – each system is very different, and can mean success or no results in your treatments – this is because acupuncture requires skills in needling which take very diligent practice to achieve – it is really not as simple as inserting a needle like western doctors do for injections – they are very different.

Secondly – your diet and exercise are going to be the key in helping you create change. It is found that your DNA expression can change with only 6 months of exercise and improved diet (eating healthier foods) – most people fail in this section, as many actually think they have a great diet and exercise plan – which is simply not true.

A real exercise plan will push you to your limits and break your limits each time – each month you will be stronger and fitter than you were last month – we are not referring to holding more weights, but more reps, and faster ability to run – some people run all their lives and remain skinny, this itself is not a sign of great health either – as they run long distance without ever increasing challenge level, which itself can lead to heart attacks because this pattern will lead to thinning muscle of the heart – (I am referring to those joggers that ONLY jog all the time, and are very narrow from head to toes in their body frame, especially the males – this is not healthy and will result in heart problems in the future).

It is better to balance and mix your exercises – with Yoga, jogging and some body weight exercises (beat each one every month) – for example, hold the yoga stance for 3 minutes at first, then build up to 10 minutes and then 30 minutes – this is where your body literally changes its neurology and upgrades its immune system to cope with the level of stress to hold postures for such long durations – you will look much younger too (yes in the face and body).

So acupuncture treatment is not just about going in for a session and expecting results – this is really not how natural healing works – you need to observe every aspect of your life and work on it.

Tools like the Taoist Soap and Zeavive work great for hair problems – but you cannot expect dramatic results if you do not combine multiple things together and work on your life as a whole.

Why Does Acupuncture Work Sometimes, And Does Not At Others?


acupuncture for hair

Some studies say acupuncture works, but some say it does not – why does this happen so significantly and what are the possible causes to this?

The biggest problems with western mindsets trying to understand acupuncture is that they try to look it from a western medical viewpoint. Western medicine looks at the human body as a machine – if some part does not work, they focus on that, and try to resolve it at a superficial level (on what they can see right in front of them).

The problem is – Acupuncture does not work like that – it treats the body as a whole and one. One area of it not working does not mean that it is the problem. Viewing acupuncture as this point fixes this condition is totally nonsense and this is not how acupuncture works.

A true master in acupuncture can use any point to treat any condition – they use other points because its easier to treat various conditions, but it is not necessary.

The problem with modern science is that it is only evidence based – and if something cannot be proven, it is scientifically considered impossible. That is like saying, because you never seen a plane, it’s impossible to fly – or if you have never seen a bird, that no living organism can fly – it is completely flawed – and this must be fully understood if we are to progress to understand advanced sciences like Acupuncture.

Only in the 70’s was it discovered what the job of the spleen is – before that, modern medicine could not figure out what is the purpose of the spleen and they considered it as not an important organ – but one only has to look in the history books of acupuncture, the exact purpose and how the spleen works was already known in acupuncture – this was only recently discovered by western medicine, and both today, match in their understanding – if this is not proof enough for mankind, then perhaps we are not good enough to receive it today.

Another reason acupuncture studies vary in their results, is simply because acupuncture is just as much an art as it is a science. It greatly depends on the acupuncture doctor on how well he will treat the patient – each acupuncturist differs in his methodology and knowledge of treatment – acupuncture is not learnt the same way as western medicine, point A means this, point B means this – symptom A means this, Symptom B means this – its not as simple as that, and it would be silly if someone actually thought it was!

On top of that, each person’s physiology is different and how they get sick is different – two people with flu, will not have the exact same type of flue, and their treatments can greatly differ – so trying to record this as a trail, is completely nonsensical.

Acupuncture for Alopecia – Western and Eastern Medicine

More and more people are beginning to hear about acupuncture and wish to try it, but are unsure of what it really is. It’s not all about inserting needles in different parts of the body, there is a much deeper yet subtle aspect to this ancient art.

In Western medicine, we learn that the body is just organic matter, an amalgamation of blood, muscle, bones and tissue which can be cut opened and examined. But acupuncture looks at the body as a complete system. It takes into account the physical and non-physical aspects (such as mental health) of a human when determining health, also looking to nature to understand more about our own bodies. For example, if you want to understand the dynamics of a flower – the last thing you would want to do is rip it open and cut it up into pieces. To know the flower completely you would observe how it reacts to different external and internal conditions and its nature. The same applies with humans.

Acupuncture hair loss

So what it is this non-physical aspect? Unfortunately mainstream science does not educate people on this, however quantum physics has shown time and time again that we are all fundamentally energetic vibrations resonating at different frequencies to plants, animals and other visible/non-visible phenomenon. This however is a another topic, for a another day. The point is, strong energetic flow means no disease just as how a light bulb needs a strong current to function.

Acupuncture tells us that there are meridians throughout the body which are pathways connecting different parts of the body to one of your organs such as the lungs being connected to your skin.

So by stimulating certain points on your body you can affect organs which may be damaged or diseased. The hair is related to the health of your kidneys, so if you want to improve your hair loss, you must stimulate the kidneys. This can be done through the use of needles, herbs or by certain exercises knows as chigong which are designed specifically for this purpose. Let us review the possible treatments through acupuncture. It must be noted that you must find a skilled and knowledgable acupuncturist which may be tricky in countries where there is no governing body.

Needling – As mentioned earlier in this post, stimulating certain points can help organs which can be related to certain tissue in the body. Everything is linked. If what is causing your hair loss is the imbalance between your organs then this treatment can be effective.

Herbs – This method can be useful for a variety of problems and produces great results. Each herb in a formula has its unique role to play in the healing process so for hair loss, the formula may improve blood circulation to reduce inflammation without any of the harmful side effects durgs such as minoxidil cause. However the origin of each herb is vital for this method to work which can be neglected by unexperienced practitioners.

Chigong – An ancient technology created to optimise human health. These are series of stances


and postures which affect specific channel in your body for general vitality and prevention of disease. Many forms of martial arts use these to strengthen their bodies through the development of the nervous system as it helps build greater neural pathways in the brain. Any form of exercise can improve blood circulation but with chigong the added benefit is that it is directly targeted at detoxing your organs.

What else can be done?

To fix any problem including hair loss, you must realise the cause and correct that first otherwise the effects of the treatment will be temporary. The physiological cause of hair loss is in fact inflammation which can be a result of DHT – but what causes that? As you get to the root of the problem you realise it can be a number of factors.

Mental health – This is very significant as your thinking can affect every aspect of your body. Stress has been linked to many health problems by even altering your DNA leading to diseases such as cancer. Your mind is so powerful that even people that have split personality disorder who were diabetic in one state, can eat sugar and be healthy in another state. To read more about the effects of stress and your mental state, take a look here. By changing your attitude towards people and life in general, stress can be avoided and so can hair loss indirectly as the inflammation can be prevented. In a more direct way however, thinking negatively all the time can distort the kidneys or any other organ for that matter.

Diet – If eating junk, processed and sugary foods is a major part of your diet, then hair loss will be the least of your concerns. The free radical damage can make you age much faster, not to mention the added effects of the artificial sweeteners and preservatives on your vital organs. Fixing the diet is a major part of permanently curing hair loss.

Hair Loss: Rogaine, Does it Work? And Exactly How it Works?

science lab 2

Rogaine is often talked about in hair loss forums as the only clinically proven external drug to combat hair loss – but how true is this statement?

Firstly – only drugs can be clinically proven (legally speaking) – so if water cured a certain disease, it will not ever be in a list as “clinically proven” – so the statement of “clinically proven” is very misleading, and very intentionally misleading so that people think that this is the only way we know how, and stop looking for alternatives.

Studies on natural ingredients which are not artificially created in a lab have to be largely kept secret – but the next step is to mimic the same natural ingredient, and make it an artificially created ingredient (that’s why you get stronger side effects in drugs) – this is important for the company doing the research because if they simply announce that their studies found that so and so plant cures hair loss, everyone will flock to buy it, but the company that invested the time and money in the research will not benefit financially, because companies cannot put a patient copyright on plants and naturally occurring substances.

science lab

Why is this important to understand?

The companies are trying to find cures by studying naturally occurring elements (plants, animals and minerals), but then when they come close to a cure or find something that may help a certain condition – the next step is to artificially create it inside a lab – in this way, they can patient the drug, and be the only sellers of that drug, therefore be able to charge as high of a price they want.

This is a normal business practice in other fields other than medicine – but the problem with this is that it ruins the progress of moving further into fully curing diseases – because companies not only aim to develop drugs that can cure, but only they can sell them – but they also aim to create drugs which people will have to buy, ideally, for a lifetime, rather than a one off – because life time purchases will obviously produce more profit – again, this is natural business practice and is not something sinister, but is a mistake we are putting onto ourselves by allowing this to happen.

In the last 20-30 years – have you seen pharmaceutical companies ever come up with a cure for any disease? Not really. No cure even exists for polio; it simply stopped being a threat to human life as much as it was, because the microevolution of the human body – not because of any other reason.

So let’s get back to a drug like Rogaine – so popular in society, everyone knows its name, but when you try to look it up on google, on exactly how it works – you will ALWAYS find companies saying “nobody knows exactly how it works”.

science lab 3

This is simply a lie – because we already know that Rogaine was originally an internal drug designed to enlarge blood vessels to help heart patients. Did you read that properly? It was designed to enlarge blood vessels.

Here is the proof on one authority website which says two different statements:

1. Here they say that nobody knows what Minoxidil/Rogaine does:

2. Here they explain exactly what Minoxidil/Rogaine does:

So obviously, if it works by enlarging blood vessels, applying it topically in a formula which can bypass the skin, it will enlarge smaller vessels in the local area – i.e the scalp. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand this very basic common sense.

But why do all these various organizations online and offline say that nobody knows how Rogaine even works? what’s it to them?

They do this because if people were fully explained (given the knowledge, which is power) on how each drug like Rogaine works, they would be able to find alternatives and may never have to even buy their expensive drugs in the first place.

So with Rogaine, if the general public knew that Rogaine is simply increasing the size of the blood vessels in the scalp, to increase hair growth, regrow hair in the scalp – then they will understand that a simple 30-40 minute massage on the scalp will accomplish this very thing – WITHOUT the side effects of Rogaine (long term ones being more severe!).

That said – increasing blood capacity in the scalp does not benefit everyone because some people are not taking the right nutrients, or not exercising enough times per week to help their body produce the right hormones – so curing hair loss is not as simple as increasing blood flow to the scalp – but it still is a major part of in keeping the healthy hair you have.


Ways to Accelerate Healing

qigongWhen people look for alternative healing methods, including but not limited to, acupuncture, massage and even herbal remedies, one has to understand that natural healing starts from inside your body, and you are the only person that can accelerate your healing faster by being open to possibilities rather than being skeptical.

So are there ways to accelerate healing whilst you are getting treated from your doctor or acupuncture doctor?

Yes of course – one of the most powerful healing is by practicing Qigong. If you are in London, I recommend the this place for learning as it is taught by a genuine lineage based Qigong, and they teach the way it was supposed to have been taught.

The reason it is important to be taught from such a teacher is simply because each step and posture, which posture you do before and after, is both important – including but not limited to – visualizations and breathing methods all are crucial to having the maximum impact.

If you are not near anywhere London – then you can practice a yoga routine which will surely accelerate your healing greatly – be it for hair problems, or others (considering that you are also working on the actual concern with a doctor as well!).

How does such exercises help with healing?

Well – if you are too skeptical to believe in energy (even though quantum science has proven there is no such thing as mass, but only energy with different frequencies) then I would say, it increases your blood circulation to areas of the body which normally do not get as much, and this, in turn, increases the body’s healing ability and its ability to regenerate itself.

If you do understand that energy does exist and that everything is energy – I will say that the body is like an antenna, and that different postures for certain amounts of time, and mind frame, you can receive energy in a certain way, to accelerate the body’s ability to heal, regenerate, and stabilize.

Both answers are generally good enough and accepted in most cultures and mind-frames – but if you really want to know how it accelerates it, you must practice the art, and dedicate yourself to it for years. This will show you the power behind this ancient technology.

Should you Exercise alongside your Acupuncture Treatments?


People often wonder if they should do any exercise in-between getting treatments for acupuncture and if it will affect the treatment in anyway – and often people think that they might mess up the treatments if they do this – but this is far from the truth.

In fact, getting exercise in your life 3-4 times a week, whilst getting your acupuncture treatments will only make the treatments even more effective than they would normally be – part of this reason is that your body has increase circulation in the body, and is generally more effective in managing the flow of the body, so any further treatments will naturally be more effective.

So if you are getting treatments for hair loss, or using the Taoist soap alongside, and exercising – this is a great combination to helping your hair growth, and you are sure to see positive results in not only your hair, but your general health and moods and energy levels of how excited you are about life.

What are the ideal types of exercises to help you achieve this?

The ideal ones are the ones you know you will stick to permanently – as stopping exercise after doing it for a long time can cause more damage than never doing exercise at all – this is because of the way the body develops during exercise, it then requires this level of activity to actually stay stable and well circulated.

Ideal ones however are a combination of cardio, yoga and body weight exercises 3-4 times a week – so you can do cardio on one day, and then body weights on one, and then Yoga or similar (Qigong) on other days – this is a great combination to improve all areas of the body.


Using the Taoist Soap for Hair Growth

Taoist Soap

The Taoist soap, made by only one company, is a powerful alternative to using chemical based formulas designed by pharmaceutical companies with the intention of first profiting, then curing – this method of making a cure simply will never work – this is why, till this day, we have not even found a cure for old diseases like polio  – because the system of getting to it is wrong.

The Taoist soap is a natural method to stop inflammation – which is the cause of most of the skin problems today (yes, hair loss, too, is a skin problem, because the hair follicle is inside the skin, and is in the same category as skin).  

Are earth based ingredients like in the Taoist soap effective in treating all skin issues, including hair growth?

The short answer is yes – but it is much more complex than a simple yes or no answer. This is because each person’s body is different – and each person will get a slightly different experience to treatment – but in general, if they take steps towards taking care of, first, their general health – then the specific problem, using tools like the Taoist soap – then they are sure to get powerful results – i know 4 people that managed to get such results – but the point is not is it works – it does work – the point is, are you willing to do what it takes?

To get any powerful change in your body from any problem in the body, be it hair issues or even more serious problems like cancer – healing must come from all levels that you are aware of – this means body and mind.

Body represents the food you eat, the exercise you do or don’t do (Yoga, cardio, weights combinations) – a more specific thing you can do in this section for helping hair, is applying the Taoist soap onto your scalp at least 3 times a week – and making sure you massage your scalp every single day, without a single day being missed for at least 20-40 minutes at a time – using both hands, not just one.

Remember, when the body’s general health is well – it then starts taking care of non-life supporting areas, such as skin quality and hair growth – this is why improving general health is very important.

Mind represents your way of thinking about life; if you are generally a negative person, then how do you expect to ever heal from something? Being a skeptic is not being a realist – its about balance! If you simply look around nature, balance is a keyword you will find repeating itself everywhere you look – starting from the balances of the weather, day and night, cold and hot – if it stayed winter all year, do you think any crops will survive? No way – you need a balance of all seasons to get results even in harvesting food from farming – this is the same with harvesting health – do everything you know that might or is good for your general health, you will see amazing results from 3 days onwards.

We will be posting more information on hair growth and more techniques, so stay tuned for our next articles.

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