Acupuncture for Hair loss

Combining Natural Treatments to Increase Effectiveness

combining acupuncture treatments for better results

People often put a lot of faith in natural treatments without understanding or researching into how it works – and often get disappointed when nothing seems to work for them.

There is an example of the typical health freak seeking out alternative treatment for conditions like hair loss or alopecia – but they get disappointed when after trying various chinese herbs, nothing works and they think either there is no cure or seek pharmaceutical medicine which can be harmful to their overall health (with the negative side effects).

That being said, pharmaceutical medicine has its place – but right now we are talking about increasing effectiveness of natural treatments.

It has to be understood that you have multiple layers of DNA expression due to your diet, emotional and thinking habits and environment over your lifetime – taking in a herb or two won’t easily solve your problems unless you know what you are doing. The art of acupuncture and herbology is powerful, but you need to find the right practitioner who has the right knowledge, as this knowledge has been mostly lost, at least from the general public.

So what should you do?

If you are getting treatment for hair loss using acupuncture, then also do things to improve your lifestyle right now. Most people who think they have a healthy diet and exercise program usually could do a lot better – and this is sometimes needed to create change beyond the body’s comfort zone.

So if you are exercising regularly – trying to break your exercise goals at every workout session – then you are on a healthy diet involving lots of leafy greens as well as some red meat, you already are starting to change your DNA expression.

For hair loss, circulation is almost always an issue – so a scalp massage for 30-40 minutes a day would tremendously help push new hair growth to come out, as well as unblock vessels that were blocked previously (these vessels get blocked easily because they are so tiny, only one or two blood cells can go in and out at any point in time!).

Emotional stability is also a vital thing to understand as this is not talked about in western medicine as much as it needs to – although we do talk about stress, we never approach it deep enough for it to be understood – emotions create hormonal changes, and hormonal changes also create emotions – if you overly express negative emotions, this can be taxing for the body, and also addictive (almost like an actual drug addiction) – this results in the body unable to focus properly on third party functions like hair growth and skin replication – it then switches to focus on only life supporting systems in the body – this means you end up loosing your hair and getting bad quality skin.

So to tackle this – you simply do more exercise, which releases the stress from your neurons, in turn, making you more emotionally stronger to deal with everyday life situations in a more calm way, rather than bursting out in anger or sadness so quickly – being happy makes a person in a better mental capacity to logically deal with a given situation – knowing life, it always throws uncertain situations at us, and being able to handle them calmly and in a centered manner is the way to keep the body healthy and biologically young.

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