Acupuncture for Hair loss


Frequently asked questions about Acupuncture for hair loss treatments in the UK, US and Worldwide. These questions are often asked so we have displayed them below for your convenience.

1. How does acupuncture help with hair loss problems and hair growth?

A good knowledgeable acupuncturist is able to control blood flow and increase/decrease hormone production. This gives a lot of leverage for handling hair loss problems as many of them are to do with blood and hormone issues and balances. These balances simply need to be restored or the hair follicles made stronger.

This is not the only way, and acupuncturists usually prescribe head massage, topical formulas as well as internally taken herbs to help speed up the hair growth process.

2. How can a needle even manipulate blood flow and hormone? It sounds outrageous from a western medical point of view?

Yes, we understand that this sounds strange, but this is perfectly plausible. We encourage you to study or look into Quantum mechanics and Quantum physics for a possible scientific explanation of energy manipulation; as it has already been scientifically proven how different the world paradigm is and reality is not physical.

We are not asking you to get a degree in the subject, but having a basic understanding of quantum physics will help you to see why and how Acupuncture works – or at least one explanation of how it works, and it is not simply a placebo effect as some people have concluded – yes, there is such a thing as a bad acupuncturist, but the practice itself has been used as a main medical system for thousands of years successfully.

3. What is the success rate of Acupuncture growing hair? or at least stopping hair loss?

This is the biggest issue with Acupuncture, as it cannot be centralized as there are many systems of Acupuncture (hundreds) and each depends on how well the practitioner has developed his skills (this is why clinical studies are not accurate on its success rate, as each acupuncturist can greatly differ in knowledge, practice and their skills).

That said, if used properly, a combination of herbs, head massage and topical applications like the Taoist soap, can produce great results in stopping hair loss, and growing hair. But this also various on individual; is he making the effort to improve his health? is he consistently taking the correct dosage and everything he was instructed to do? This is often the deciding factor of success or failure in Acupuncture for hair loss.

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