Acupuncture for Hair loss

Side Effects of Acupuncture and How to Deal With them

Can Acupuncture be dangerous? or have dangerous side effects? What about if you are pregnant, can you still do acupuncture treatment and be okay? or is there a risk?

These questions are often asked to western doctors and even they aren’t sure, so they have to say answers that are safer – so if they don’t know, or aren’t sure, they will still say don’t carry out acupuncture during this and this state – but the truth is, acupuncture should not have side effects other than that your acupuncturist will tell you, such as nerve regeneration cases.

As this video on Acupuncture Side effects explains, that acupuncture should not have any negative side effects; and this includes for pregnant women – acupuncture is able to help in all conditions; the only hard part is, to find a reliable, knowledgeable practitioner who knows what he or she is doing – if you are in the US, this may be easier to some extent, but in the EU, acupuncture is still in it’s primitive stages, and only very basic acupuncture is practiced, with a few exceptions.

So are there any other side effects to acupuncture?

Yes, there are – they are whatever you are being treated for, to improve! ┬áBut nothing like side effects you get from pharmaceutical products, as they are different in how they work.

One has to understand that there are many levels of acupuncture, some for basic pain management, some for advanced diseases – and the latter is simply not as common, as it is a very advanced form of acupuncture, but it is being taught to the public and is spreading slowly.

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