Acupuncture for Hair loss

Taoist Soap Review and Uses in Acupuncture Medical Community

taoist soap NEW2016The Taoist soap has been around for long enough for most of the acupuncture community in the UK to know about it – but yet, it is still somehow never seen that openly in UK stores like Boots or ASDA – stores that supply already medical supplements as well as prescription medicine for the public.

The Taoist soap being a health product, and not exactly a cosemetic product, has been used by many practitioners as a tool to help tackle inflammation in the scalp and skin – this includes inflammation that causes hair loss (which is deeper rooted in the scalp) as well as burns and other skin disorders that are related to inflammation. Please note, it is essential to differentiate inflammation and infections in this case – as some people think infections are the same thing.

Inflammation is a protective response by the body to tackle a situation; the body over-reacts, and then inflammation itself becomes the problem; this is why a lot of hair thinning occurs, and this is where the Taoist soap can come in very useful.

Note that the Taoist soap is used as a tool to aid in inflammation on the scalp – a change in lifestyle and improvement in diet is essential to create those changes and allow them to become permanent structures of the body. RNA expression is known to change with just 6 months worth of lifestyle change (exercise and diet) – but then the problem becomes the lack of circulation in the scalp, and this can be dealt with scalp massage every 24 hours for 30 minutes per day – some people require up to 3 times 30 minutes a day to see full results.

Taoist Soap: How to Use

Patients that use the Taoist soap vary, and the reasons vary, this is why the website online says either leave in for 2 mins or wash off right away – both are correct. For you, you should start with washing off almost right away, few seconds leaving in, and washing off – do this for the first week, and then you can leave it in for 1-2 minutes long – the skin and scalp need to get used to your skin, and this is the only reason for leaving in shorter periods of time, to give it a gentle push, rather than a shock.

It is also advisable to use a small amount of the soap on a patch of skin that will help you see if it is suitable for your skin; all products, natural or organic or pharmaceutical must be tested this way – as every skin is different and everyone uses different skin products which can interact with the new product you have started using – so keep this in mind when trying any new product.

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