Acupuncture for Hair loss

What is the Most Effective Type of Acupuncture?

most effective type of acupuncture

Ever wondered what is the most effective type of acupuncture in general – and if there are things you can do to boost an acupuncture treatment?

First understand that acupuncture is a natural method of controlling your body’s flow of blood and energy, to the right areas to create balance (or create a better healthier balance internally).

That said – it is involved in changing your body’s existing patterns, and helping you adopt to new patterns which are healthy for you – you can boost your acupuncture treatments which help you do this.

For example – if you are overweight or suffering from thinning hair, and are getting acupuncture treatment for it – a way to boost this treatment is by first getting the treatment by the right acupuncturist – not all acupuncture is the same – each system is very different, and can mean success or no results in your treatments – this is because acupuncture requires skills in needling which take very diligent practice to achieve – it is really not as simple as inserting a needle like western doctors do for injections – they are very different.

Secondly – your diet and exercise are going to be the key in helping you create change. It is found that your DNA expression can change with only 6 months of exercise and improved diet (eating healthier foods) – most people fail in this section, as many actually think they have a great diet and exercise plan – which is simply not true.

A real exercise plan will push you to your limits and break your limits each time – each month you will be stronger and fitter than you were last month – we are not referring to holding more weights, but more reps, and faster ability to run – some people run all their lives and remain skinny, this itself is not a sign of great health either – as they run long distance without ever increasing challenge level, which itself can lead to heart attacks because this pattern will lead to thinning muscle of the heart – (I am referring to those joggers that ONLY jog all the time, and are very narrow from head to toes in their body frame, especially the males – this is not healthy and will result in heart problems in the future).

It is better to balance and mix your exercises – with Yoga, jogging and some body weight exercises (beat each one every month) – for example, hold the yoga stance for 3 minutes at first, then build up to 10 minutes and then 30 minutes – this is where your body literally changes its neurology and upgrades its immune system to cope with the level of stress to hold postures for such long durations – you will look much younger too (yes in the face and body).

So acupuncture treatment is not just about going in for a session and expecting results – this is really not how natural healing works – you need to observe every aspect of your life and work on it.

Tools like the Taoist Soap and Zeavive work great for hair problems – but you cannot expect dramatic results if you do not combine multiple things together and work on your life as a whole.

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