Acupuncture for Hair loss

Why Does Acupuncture Work Sometimes, And Does Not At Others?


acupuncture for hair

Some studies say acupuncture works, but some say it does not – why does this happen so significantly and what are the possible causes to this?

The biggest problems with western mindsets trying to understand acupuncture is that they try to look it from a western medical viewpoint. Western medicine looks at the human body as a machine – if some part does not work, they focus on that, and try to resolve it at a superficial level (on what they can see right in front of them).

The problem is – Acupuncture does not work like that – it treats the body as a whole and one. One area of it not working does not mean that it is the problem. Viewing acupuncture as this point fixes this condition is totally nonsense and this is not how acupuncture works.

A true master in acupuncture can use any point to treat any condition – they use other points because its easier to treat various conditions, but it is not necessary.

The problem with modern science is that it is only evidence based – and if something cannot be proven, it is scientifically considered impossible. That is like saying, because you never seen a plane, it’s impossible to fly – or if you have never seen a bird, that no living organism can fly – it is completely flawed – and this must be fully understood if we are to progress to understand advanced sciences like Acupuncture.

Only in the 70’s was it discovered what the job of the spleen is – before that, modern medicine could not figure out what is the purpose of the spleen and they considered it as not an important organ – but one only has to look in the history books of acupuncture, the exact purpose and how the spleen works was already known in acupuncture – this was only recently discovered by western medicine, and both today, match in their understanding – if this is not proof enough for mankind, then perhaps we are not good enough to receive it today.

Another reason acupuncture studies vary in their results, is simply because acupuncture is just as much an art as it is a science. It greatly depends on the acupuncture doctor on how well he will treat the patient – each acupuncturist differs in his methodology and knowledge of treatment – acupuncture is not learnt the same way as western medicine, point A means this, point B means this – symptom A means this, Symptom B means this – its not as simple as that, and it would be silly if someone actually thought it was!

On top of that, each person’s physiology is different and how they get sick is different – two people with flu, will not have the exact same type of flue, and their treatments can greatly differ – so trying to record this as a trail, is completely nonsensical.

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